High School Teknofest electric vehicle competition

03.06.2021 - Perşembe 12:00

In the past years, many teams and vehicles participated in International Efficiency Challenge, but this year the competition will be the most vibrant one due to the addition of high school teams. The competitions will be held at Istanbul Park through 31st of August – 5th of September. The teams already started their preparations and their excitement can be easily seen.

            “AAATLAS’, Ankara Atatürk Anadolu Anatolian High School Efficiency Challenge team, is one of the teams which participated to this exciting event. Ata Efe Karakaya, a 10th grader who just signed a sponsorship deal with the next gen technology company Cerebrum Tech, proceeds to explain his thoughts on the event. ‘This journey is hopeful, exciting and a difficult one. As a team, we share our excitement and joy as we stand against the difficulties that will be coming our way. I believe that the adventure that will lead us to Istanbul Park F1 track is going to be very exciting. It brings us motivation to see the support from our team spirit, school, teachers and Cerebrum Tech but the biggest motivation of them all is to see what our car could achieve when it gets on the track.’ The pilot who will represent the team on the track, Ayşe Ece Kandemir said: ‘We do our best as a team to build our car in the most perfect way possible, but it will be my responsibility to show what the car can do on the track. Still, it will be a teamwork since understanding each other while communicating all the time is a critical point. Win or lose, we are in this as a team. I believe we will build the most efficient car and will be successful. I fully believe in my team and our connection and spirit proves that we can achieve.”

             Cerebrum Tech Founder Dr. R. Erdem Erkul states his thoughts on the difficult but exciting adventure. “This is a very important chance for the students since it allows them to find their own skill sets and remarkable abilities through inspiration. I am hoping that the number of technology events such as Teknofest can be increased throughout the country. When we saw these students with such excitement with a prepared team, we were as much excited as they were. Cerebrum Tech’ s goal as a company is to inspire young people due to the ratio of young people in our country compared to the total population which is 15.6, leading 28 EU countries at the first place. Young people are very important for us since they are involved in digital transformation and know about the technology the best. That is why it is extremely fundamental for them to be included in our great technology ecosystem during the country’s digital transformation journey. That is the reason why we will continue to support the young people on the journey of technology as much as we can.”

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